London Beauty Haul

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A few blogposts ago I told you I was going to London for a few days. Today I show you the Beauty products I picked up while I was there. I recently ordered a few things online so I didn’t need to pick up ‘that much’ British goodies. 馃槈 馃槈


After Primark (that was our first stop when arriving in London) we went to Victoria Secret. I found the perfume I talked about and wanted. I picked up the smaller size which was 50ml for聽拢42. That’s still kinda pricey but I really wanted it. P.S. I looove the bottle! (Do you also get sucked in by cute packaging??? 馃檪 *oh-oh*)

All the other items are from Boots. I got to say, I think we stopped in every Boots we could find in Oxfordstreet… They have some really good deals going on right now, so if you live in England definitely check it out. For those of you who live in Belgium, you can now order stuff from Boots online! *yaaay* Shipping costs聽聽拢9,99 (that’s the downside but still..).聽



  • Hydraluron Moisture Booster ->聽拢16,66聽(instead of聽拢24,99). This is my daily serum. I ordered it from Ebay a couple of times but it’s waaaay cheaper when you buy it in Boots.
  • Soap & Glory 聽‘No Cloggs Allowed – Super self-heating deep pore detox mask’ ->聽7,67 (instead of聽11,50).聽
  • Clean & Clear ‘Advantage Spot Treatment gel’ ->聽拢4,59.
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Rose hydrate cleanser’ ->聽拢7,99. I blame Est茅e from for this one. 馃槈 I’ve already tried it a couple of times and I like it!
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Tea Flower – pore purifying clay mask’ -> 拢8,99.聽



  • Soap & Glory ‘Kick Ass Concealer’ in the shade light -> 拢10.
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix foundation serum’ in the shade 52-vanilla ->聽拢9,99.聽
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Balance compact powder’ in the shade 52-vanilla ->聽拢8,99.
  • L’Or茅al ‘Miss Manga mascara’ ->聽拢8,99.
  • Lanolips 101 multipurpose balm ->聽拢7,99 (Okay this was a big mistake! I picked it up and thought it was聽拢1,09 but no, it costed the whole 7,99 pounds!).
  • Rimmel nail polish in ‘Rose Libertine’ ->聽拢1,99.



  • Charles Worthington ‘Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm’ -> 拢11,33 (instead of 拢16,99). I’ve tried this last night and I like it so far. I’ve slept with it and washed it out this morning. The scent is amazing!
  • Charles Worthington ‘Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray’ ->聽拢6,99.
  • Aussie ‘3 minute Miracle for Damaged hair’ ->聽拢4,99 (or 3 Aussie products for聽拢10).



  • Vaseline Spray & Go ->聽拢3,99 (instead of 拢4,99).
  • Original Source Scrub ->聽拢2,30.
  • Original Source shower gel ->聽拢2,30.

A Fashion Haul will be up on the blog very soon. Some pieces are in the washing machine so I’m waiting for them to dry. 馃槈

Have you guys tried any of these Beauty products? Let me know!

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Lanc么me VS Jordana (mascara)


**Scroll down for the English version**

Enkele posts geleden had ik het over de Jordana mascara die een mogelijke dupe voor de Lanc么me Hypn么se Star zou zijn.

Ik ben h茅茅l erg kieskeurig als het op mascara’s aankomt. Mijn wimpers zijn vrij lang waardoor mijn mascara bijna altijd terecht komt op mijn oogleden (= niet aantrekkelijk!). Een mascara mag voor mij dus zeker niet transfereren en, eens aangebracht, liefst zo snel mogelijk opdrogen.聽Lanc么me Hypn么se Star mascara is al een hele tijd een ultieme favoriet van mij. Toen ik hoorde vertellen dat er een mascara was die praktisch exact hetzelfde deed besloot ik deze toch maar eens te testen.

Hieronder kunnen jullie beide mascara’s zien. Links: Lanc么me Hypn么se Star mascara, rechts: Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara.

Jordana - Lanc么me

Lanc么me – JordanaIMG_0462

Als ik deze foto’s bekijk gaat mijn voorkeur uit naar de Jordana mascara. De Lanc么me mascara lijkt mijn wimpers meer ‘spidery’ te maken en bij elkaar te voegen. De Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara doet eigenlijk hetzelfde als de mascara van Lanc么me maar kost slechts 3,59USD (in plaats van 28,80EUR voor de Lanc么me mascara). EN hij geeft niet af op mijn oogleden! 馃槈 Ik moet er wel 2 laagjes van aanbrengen maar h茅, voor nog geen 3 euro hoor je mij niet klagen!

Ik koop de Jordana producten online op

Welke mascara verkiezen jullie? 馃檪


Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara

Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara

Lanc么me Hypn么se Star

Lanc么me Hypn么se Star

A few blogposts ago I talked about the Jordana mascara that might be a dupe for the Lanc么me Hypn么se Star.

I’m very picky when it comes to mascaras. My lashes are pretty long so mascara tend to transfer onto my eyelids (which is not very attractive). For me a mascara mustn’t transfer and, once applied, has to dry very quickly. The Lanc么me Hypn么se Star mascara has been my ultimate favorite for a while. When I heard that there might be a mascara that would do almost exact the same thing I decided to put it to the test.

Here you can see both mascaras. Left:聽Lanc么me Hypn么se Star mascara, right:聽Jordana Best Lash Extreme volumizing mascara.

Jordana - Lanc么me

Lanc么me – JordanaIMG_0462

If you ask me.. I prefer the Jordana one. The Lanc么me mascara seems to make my lashes more ‘spidery’ and clumps them together more. The Jordana Lash Extreme volumizing mascara does pretty much the same thing as the Lanc么me one but costs only 3,59USD (instead of 28,80EUR for the Lanc么me one). AND it does’t transfer onto my eyelids! 馃槈 I do need to apply 2 coats of the Jordana mascara, but hey you don’t hear me complain for only 3 euros!

I buy the Jordana products online on

Which mascara do you guys prefer? 馃檪

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