The benefits of Coconut Oil

Hi guys!
Today my lovely friend Mara (who lives in the US) takes over my blog for the day! Exciting, no?! 🙂 When it comes to coconut oil, she’s the expert.. So I really hope you guys like this post! Talk to you soon, xo Jo!
So when someone mentions ‘coconut oil‘, you probably think of cooking right? Well yes, of course, I did too! However, today I want to talk about some other uses for coconut oil! If you want to know more ways in which coconut oil can be used, keep reading… 🙂
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
What is coconut oil?
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking (which is normally the main reason people use coconut oil). However, I prefer to use it for Beauty purposes.
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
First, it is affordable & multi-purpose. Thus, it helps you save money & counter space!  Second, it’s all natural so you dont have to worry about using a bunch of nasty chemicals on your skin and/or hair. I buy my coconut oil at Trader Joes in the US. You can also buy it at most health food stores or order it online at Jo, who lives in Belgium, buys her coconut oil at a store called Essenza (see picture above).
collage_1 These are a few of my favorite ways to use coconut oil:
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
1. Make-up Remover – I apply this right to my face and gently rub it around. It’s quick and gently breaks up the make-up. Then, I rinse it off with my face cleanser and water. I have combination-/ breakout prone skin and coconut oil works great for me!
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
2. Moisturizer for face and body – It feels great, smells delicious & is super moisturizing.
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
3. Lip Balm– Again super hydrating! If you accidentally ingest it, its ok. It’s all natural!
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
You can also use coconut oil as a hair mask. Personally, this does not work for me. Its a bit too heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy. However, I know a lot of girls who swear by this, so it might work for you! (But I suggest you wash your hair twice after using coconut oil on your hair 😉 )

Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
Have you ever tried coconut oil? If so, what did you use it for? If not, you should definitely try it! 🙂

xoxo, Mara

London Beauty Haul

Hi guys!

A few blogposts ago I told you I was going to London for a few days. Today I show you the Beauty products I picked up while I was there. I recently ordered a few things online so I didn’t need to pick up ‘that much’ British goodies. 😉 😉


After Primark (that was our first stop when arriving in London) we went to Victoria Secret. I found the perfume I talked about and wanted. I picked up the smaller size which was 50ml for £42. That’s still kinda pricey but I really wanted it. P.S. I looove the bottle! (Do you also get sucked in by cute packaging??? 🙂 *oh-oh*)

All the other items are from Boots. I got to say, I think we stopped in every Boots we could find in Oxfordstreet… They have some really good deals going on right now, so if you live in England definitely check it out. For those of you who live in Belgium, you can now order stuff from Boots online! *yaaay* Shipping costs  £9,99 (that’s the downside but still..).



  • Hydraluron Moisture Booster -> £16,66 (instead of £24,99). This is my daily serum. I ordered it from Ebay a couple of times but it’s waaaay cheaper when you buy it in Boots.
  • Soap & Glory  ‘No Cloggs Allowed – Super self-heating deep pore detox mask’ -> £7,67 (instead of £11,50). 
  • Clean & Clear ‘Advantage Spot Treatment gel’ -> £4,59.
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Rose hydrate cleanser’ -> £7,99. I blame Estée from for this one. 😉 I’ve already tried it a couple of times and I like it!
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Tea Flower – pore purifying clay mask’ -> £8,99. 



  • Soap & Glory ‘Kick Ass Concealer’ in the shade light -> £10.
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix foundation serum’ in the shade 52-vanilla -> £9,99. 
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Balance compact powder’ in the shade 52-vanilla -> £8,99.
  • L’Oréal ‘Miss Manga mascara’ -> £8,99.
  • Lanolips 101 multipurpose balm -> £7,99 (Okay this was a big mistake! I picked it up and thought it was £1,09 but no, it costed the whole 7,99 pounds!).
  • Rimmel nail polish in ‘Rose Libertine’ -> £1,99.



  • Charles Worthington ‘Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm’ -> £11,33 (instead of £16,99). I’ve tried this last night and I like it so far. I’ve slept with it and washed it out this morning. The scent is amazing!
  • Charles Worthington ‘Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray’ -> £6,99.
  • Aussie ‘3 minute Miracle for Damaged hair’ -> £4,99 (or 3 Aussie products for £10).



  • Vaseline Spray & Go -> £3,99 (instead of £4,99).
  • Original Source Scrub -> £2,30.
  • Original Source shower gel -> £2,30.

A Fashion Haul will be up on the blog very soon. Some pieces are in the washing machine so I’m waiting for them to dry. 😉

Have you guys tried any of these Beauty products? Let me know!

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My Beauty Passport – English version

Hi there,

I thought it would be easier if I translated my first blogpost to English, that way everybody and their mom can follow what I’m saying. 😉  From now on, I will always write my posts in Dutch & English.

This first post (well the second one if you count the Dutch version) is all about my beauty profile or as I call it my ‘Beauty Passport’. My blog will be mostly about beauty so I thought it would be easier if you guys know a little bit more about my skin & hair. No? 🙂

My skin:

Well I definitely don’t have perfect skin. I suffer from little blemishes once a while but my skin isn’t really acne-prone. However I have to be careful what I put on it because my skin is quite sensitive.

The skin type I have is combination skin. So my skin isn’t really dry or really oily. The only part of my face that suffers from dryness (no matter what I put on it!) is my nose. During summer I notice that my forehead and chin get a little bit shiny but nothing that a little bit of powder can’t fix.

Now about the color… I am very fair with a few little freckles on my nose and cheeks. People always ask me ‘hey, are you sick? You look so pale…’ (=HATE IT!!!). My face never colors, not even when I’m outside ‘tanning’ (I know it isn’t very healthy). Same goes for my body. The only tanning I can do = fake-tanning.

Overall I’m kinda happy with how my skin looks. But I will never leave the house without some color (aka  foundation or powder) on my face..  Unless I need to (and even then). 😉

My hair:

I have natural medium length, wavy, dark brown hair. A few years ago my hair was more curly and I could just let it air-dry. Because of coloring, styling and let us say ‘experimenting’ with my hair, the best of it is far gone. So now my hair-styler and curling iron are a must have in my bathroom.

The structure of my hair is quite normal. It’s not very dry or very oily. The roots tend to get a bit oily after a few days and the ends are quite dry. I definitely suffer from split ends. My goal is to let my hair grow and get that pretty ‘Rapunzel’-hair some girls have (oh so jealous!). But until today: every inch that I gain needs to be cut off because of my split ends. *grrrrrr* My hair is now a lighter brown then it is naturally. I just bought a box with hair-dy at the drugstore and my mom colored it. Otherwise with my dark hair + fair skin I definitely looked sick!

So.. this is me (well my hair and skin) in one post! 😉 If you guys have questions, recommendations, tips,… don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer!

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Mijn Beauty Passport

Welkom op mijn nieuwe blog!

Als eerste post wil ik het graag hebben over mijn beauty profiel, of zoals ik het noem mijn ‘Beauty Passport’. Aangezien ik het op deze blog vooral over beauty-stuff ga hebben is het makkelijker als jullie een idee hebben van hoe mijn huid & haar er eigenlijk uit zien. Niet? 🙂

My skin: 

Ik heb zeker géén perfecte huid. Af en toe heb ik last van (ongewenste!) puistjes. Vooral in periodes wanneer ik iets meer stress heb of tijdens ‘de periode van de maand’ zijn ze daar: op mijn voorhoofd en/of kin. Verder moet ik voorzichtig zijn met wat ik allemaal op mijn gezicht smeer want mijn huid is vrij gevoelig en raakt heel snel geïrriteerd.

De dermatoloog omschreef mijn huid als een gecombineerde huid. Ik vind mijn huid niet extreem droog of extreem vet, eerder zo ergens tussen in.  Ik merk wel dat mijn neus vaak afvelt (wat ik er ook op smeer) en dat in de zomer mijn voorhoofd en kin wat glimt.

Nu qua kleur… Wel ik heb een hele bleke huid met enkele sproetjes. Mensen vragen dan ook vaak ‘hé ben je ziek, je bent zo bleek?!’ (= HATELIJK!). Ik bruin ook helemaal niet tijdens de zomerperiode. Ondanks het vele proberen (ik weet het, het is niet bepaald gezond) blijf ik mijn bleek kleurtje houden *zucht*.

Over het algemeen ben ik wel blij met mijn huid. Maar het huis verlaten zonder iets van ‘kleur’ op mijn gezicht? NO WAY! Enkel als het echt moet. 😉

My hair:

Mijn haar is halflang en van nature donker bruin en golvend. Vroeger was het meer krullend maar na jaren het te stylen, kleuren, kortom experimenteren, is het mooie er wel af. Mijn stijltang en krultang zijn dan ook standaard aanwezig in de badkamer.

Qua structuur is mijn haar vrij normaal, al worden mijn wortels vrij snel vet en zijn de punten enorm breekbaar. Ik probeer al jaren mijn haar te laten groeien *oh rapunzel-haar*.. Maar het groeit niet zo snel, en wat er bij komt moet er nadien meteen weer af omwille van het splitsen. 😦 Momenteel is mijn haar ook iets lichter gekleurd omdat ik het donkere zo beu was. Leek ik nog bleker!



Et voila, ‘Jolien’ in een notendop! 😉 Als jullie vragen/tips/… hebben: contacteer me zeker! Ook als jullie ideetjes hebben of bepaalde reviews op deze blog willen zien.

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