My Little Box: Goodnight (November 2016)

Hoi allemaal!

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Beautyboxen, we kunnen er allemaal wel enkelen opnoemen: Deauty, Ipsy, Birchbox, Pink Parcel box, Glossybox, Boxycharm etc. De ene al wat makkelijker te verkrijgen in België dan de andere. Het concept klinkt als muziek in de oren, iedere maand een box vol met nieuwe producten om te kunnen testen. *Sounds like Heaven to me*

Als ‘make-up’-obsessed persoon had ik dan ook verschillende abonnementen op Amerikaanse beautyboxen die dan naar mijn beste vriendin (zij is Amerikaanse) werden verstuurd zodat zij deze kon doorsturen naar mij. #callmecrazy

Ook de Deauty-box, die gemakkelijk te verkrijgen is in België, mocht niet ontbreken. Deze laatste kon me (enkele jaren geleden) uiteindelijk niet overtuigen om mijn abonnement te behouden.

Toen plots, een jaar geleden, ik een Franse box ontdekte die eigenlijk méér bevat dan enkel en alleen beauty-stuff: My Little Box.

My Little Box is een concept, gecreërd in Parijs, waarbij je maandelijks een selectie van fashion, beauty en lifestyle goodies ontvangt die geïnspireerd zijn op de Franse markt.  Elke maand kiest My Little Box een thema en wordt de box volledig samengesteld rond dit thema. Enkel en alleen met het bekijken van de website was ik verkocht: zo schattig en helemaal mij!

Ik ontvang nu al enkele maanden My Little box en zoals bij iedere box is er wel eens een maand die ‘minder’ interessant was dan andere. Zo was ik bijvoorbeeld vorige maand teleurgesteld over de “Brooklyn-box” (thema: koffie) en zoooo happy met de box van November (thema: nachtrust).

Hieronder een kijkje in de nieuwste My Little Box…



Allereerst, die verpakking! Terwijl de meeste boxen een standaard verpakking gebruiken past My Little Box de verpakking ook iedere maand aan aan het thema. Handig, zo heb je iedere maand een uniek doosje dat je effectief nog kunt gebruiken.




  • maandelijks magazine;
  • schaaltje in de vorm van een maan om ‘s avonds jouw juwelen te kunnen opbergen (in het mijne alvast mijn oorbellen van Chanel en “Bee”-kettinkje) – twv 12 euro;
  • slaapmasker – twv 12 euro.


  • handcrème Neutrogena – twv 5,80 euro;
  • bodylotion Garancia – twv 14,50 euro;
  • reiniging My Little Beauty (hun eigen lijn);
  • reinigingsdoekjes Glov – twv 4 euro.

Positieve punten:

  • Maandelijks een mix van goodies (met soms toch een hoog prijskaartje), een nieuw thema & een unieke doos die je nog kan gebruiken.
  • Als je enkele My Little Boxes hebt ontvangen en je bent toch geen 100% tevreden: geen probleem! Je kan jouw abonnement onmiddellijk stopzetten (of opnieuw openen).
  • Op Instagram/blog/… een My Little Box gezien die je écht wel leuk vindt? Als het de box van de lopende maand is kan je deze nog steeds bestellen! *yay*

Negatieve punten:

  • Voor België kan je je enkel abonneren op de Franse versie. Dit heeft als nadeel dat alles in het Frans is. Ik had persoonlijk liever de Engelse versie, maar dit bleek niet mogelijk. 😦
  • De prijs is een beetje hoger doordat je de verzendkosten moet meerekenen (totaal is ongeveer 18-19euro).

Abonnement My Little Box:

België/Frankrijk – 16,90€ + verzendkosten (

UK – 14,95GBP (


Willen jullie iedere maand een kijkje in mijn My Little Box? Let me know!

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Hi there!

Beauty boxes, we can all name some: Deauty, Ipsy, Birchbox, Pink Parcel, Glossybox, Boxycharm, etc. Some are available in Belgium, some not. The concept is very interesting, especially when you have a healthy appetite for anything Beauty-related, every month you receive a box full of new products to test out. * Sounds like Heaven to me*

Because I’m pretty obsessed with make-up I also had subscriptions to American beauty boxes. The companies would send the boxes to my best friend (who lives in America) and she would ship them to me. #callmecrazy

The box that is easiest to subscribe to in Belgium is Deauty. I was subscribed, tested it all out but (a few years ago) was convinced it wasn’t worth the money.

Then suddenly, a year ago, I came across a French box that looked so cute and that included way more than just beauty-products: My Little Box.

My Little box is a monthly box, created in Paris, in which you receive a mix of French-inspired Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle goodies. There’s a theme every month, the box and the content will all be in line with the theme.

I have received My Little Box for a few months now and as it is with every box, you experience a month where the box is less interesting than another. Example, the box from last month (theme: Brooklyn/coffee) was a big disappointment for me whereas the box from this month (theme: goodnight) makes me sooo happy!

Let’s see what’s in the box from this month…



First of all, can we take a minute to enjoy the packaging?! While most boxes come in a standard packaging, My Little Box adapts their packaging to the theme of the month.




  • monthly magazine;
  • little tray in the shape of a moon so you can safely store your jewelry before going to bed (mine has been taking care of my Chanel-earrings and “Bee”necklace);
  • sleeping-mask.


  • handcream Neutrogena;
  • firming bodylotion Garancia;
  • cleanser My Little Beauty (their own brand);
  • cleansing towelettes Glov.

Positive points:

  • A mix of goodies – a monthly theme – unique box for storage.
  • In case you don’t like the boxes you receive you can always cancel your subscription.
  • Saw some pictures on Instagram/a blog/… and really liked the box? As long as the month isn’t over you can still order yours!

Negative points:

  • In Belgium you can only subscribe to the French version. Only downside is that everything is in French. I personally would have preferred the English version but it wasn’t possible.
  • The price is a bit higher because of shipping costs.


Subscription to My Little Box:

Belgium/France – 16,90€ + shipping (

UK – 14,95GBP (

Do you want to know what I receive monthly in My Little Box? Let me know!

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The Body Shop – Haul

Hi guys!

Yes you red it right: I went shopping AGAIN! *blushes* I know some people really love The Body Shop but I have never really tried their skincare. I owned a bronzer before which I loved (but they discontinued it) + I really like their shower gels and body butters. So I decided it was time to put some products to the test. When I saw it was 50% off on the second make-up or skincare product you bought, I was sold. 😉

This is what I picked up:

  • Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil 28ml – 19EUR
  • Honey Bronzing Powder in the color 01-Light Matte – 16EUR (got it for 8EUR because of the 50% off)
  •  Vitamin E Eye Cream – 15EUR

I know! I only have 3 products instead of 4! The reason is that The Body Shop offered an introduction package for only 2EUR when you were spending more then 30EUR. I really wanted to try the Vitamin E Night Cream, which was an item in the package. I couldn’t find a product for 3EUR (that I wanted) so I just picked up the eye cream and didn’t buy a fourth product (and get a second time 50% off) although I could have..

The introduction package (which was only 2EUR!!!) has a value of 20EUR and contained:

  • Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 60ml
  • Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 60ml
  • Vitamin E Night Cream 15ml
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream 15ml


IMG_0395_3IMG_0396_2I’m really excited to try out these new goodies! 😀 If you have any products from The Body Shop that you LOVE, let me know! I’m pretty curious now.. 😉

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London Beauty Haul

Hi guys!

A few blogposts ago I told you I was going to London for a few days. Today I show you the Beauty products I picked up while I was there. I recently ordered a few things online so I didn’t need to pick up ‘that much’ British goodies. 😉 😉


After Primark (that was our first stop when arriving in London) we went to Victoria Secret. I found the perfume I talked about and wanted. I picked up the smaller size which was 50ml for £42. That’s still kinda pricey but I really wanted it. P.S. I looove the bottle! (Do you also get sucked in by cute packaging??? 🙂 *oh-oh*)

All the other items are from Boots. I got to say, I think we stopped in every Boots we could find in Oxfordstreet… They have some really good deals going on right now, so if you live in England definitely check it out. For those of you who live in Belgium, you can now order stuff from Boots online! *yaaay* Shipping costs  £9,99 (that’s the downside but still..).



  • Hydraluron Moisture Booster -> £16,66 (instead of £24,99). This is my daily serum. I ordered it from Ebay a couple of times but it’s waaaay cheaper when you buy it in Boots.
  • Soap & Glory  ‘No Cloggs Allowed – Super self-heating deep pore detox mask’ -> £7,67 (instead of £11,50). 
  • Clean & Clear ‘Advantage Spot Treatment gel’ -> £4,59.
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Rose hydrate cleanser’ -> £7,99. I blame Estée from for this one. 😉 I’ve already tried it a couple of times and I like it!
  • Superfacialist by Una Brennan ‘Tea Flower – pore purifying clay mask’ -> £8,99. 



  • Soap & Glory ‘Kick Ass Concealer’ in the shade light -> £10.
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Mix foundation serum’ in the shade 52-vanilla -> £9,99. 
  • Bourjois ‘Healthy Balance compact powder’ in the shade 52-vanilla -> £8,99.
  • L’Oréal ‘Miss Manga mascara’ -> £8,99.
  • Lanolips 101 multipurpose balm -> £7,99 (Okay this was a big mistake! I picked it up and thought it was £1,09 but no, it costed the whole 7,99 pounds!).
  • Rimmel nail polish in ‘Rose Libertine’ -> £1,99.



  • Charles Worthington ‘Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm’ -> £11,33 (instead of £16,99). I’ve tried this last night and I like it so far. I’ve slept with it and washed it out this morning. The scent is amazing!
  • Charles Worthington ‘Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray’ -> £6,99.
  • Aussie ‘3 minute Miracle for Damaged hair’ -> £4,99 (or 3 Aussie products for £10).



  • Vaseline Spray & Go -> £3,99 (instead of £4,99).
  • Original Source Scrub -> £2,30.
  • Original Source shower gel -> £2,30.

A Fashion Haul will be up on the blog very soon. Some pieces are in the washing machine so I’m waiting for them to dry. 😉

Have you guys tried any of these Beauty products? Let me know!

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