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Hi guys!

First of all: I’m so happy to be online again, continuing this blog and starting a new Youtube-chanel! 🙂

This Sunday I have filmed a Get Ready With Me using all products (some for the very first time) of the make-up brand ‘Essence‘. This video is in Dutch because I got the request doing a video in Dutch. Also, Essence is very popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany so this video can be very interesting for my Dutch viewers because it features some limited edition items.

If you want to see how I got ready -> it’s now live on Enjoy!

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Products mentioned:


Essence – Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & concealer (10 ivory beige)
Essence – Stay all day concealer (10 natural beige)
Essence – Camouflage 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up (10 ivory beige)
Essence – Me & my umbrella mini contouring set
Essence – sun club shimmer bronzing powder (30 sunloved)
Essence – Satin touch blush (20 satin love)

Essence – Make me brow (02 browny brows)

– EYES –
Essence – Quattro eyeshadow (19 greys n’ roses)
Essence – Maximum definition volume mascara

– LIPS –
1: Essence – Me & my umbrella matt lipstick
2: Essence – Mini sheer lipbalm (02 little miss rosie)
3: Essence – lipstick (05 cool nude)
4: Essence – lipliner (06 satin mauve)

Essence: powder
Essence: Me & my umbrella contour
Essence: eyeshadow
Essence: eye blender
Essence: mini kabuki
Sigma: flat top kabuki F80
Bobbi Brown: full coverage face
Zoova: 231/luxe petit crease

Tip of the week! Make your eyeshadow last longer


Today I will share a little tip for those of you who have a problem with keeping their eye make-up flawless and long-lasting. Before I used **what I will talk about in a minute** my eyeshadow would always end up bundled up in my crease, fading or smudging after a while. Sooo damn annoying! When I started browsing blogs and watching YouTube a few years ago, I ended up finding this tip. I’ve got to say: it works wonders! 🙂

So when you experience the same problem as I had, I highly recommend that you invest in an eyeshadow primer! It’s like a primer for your face but then one for your eyes. You apply it just before you start applying your eye make-up. If you suffer from redness or veins peeking through, a colored eyeshadow primer will cover those up as well!

My favorites:

1) Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (clear). This is my absolute favorite eyeshadow primer. I picked it up while I was visiting the States two years ago and it’s still going strong! 😉 You can find it online on for 25EUR. (I know it’s expensive but it’s really good!)

2)  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (the original one which is also clear). This little guy comes with the Naked 1 palette. UD has other Primer Potions and some of them are colored. You can buy them on for 21,20EUR.

3) MAC Paint Pot Painterly (colored – flesh tone). A base that covers up your veins and redness to provide a smooth surface for you to start applying your eye make-up. I have to admit that although a lot of people love this primer, it’s not my absolute favorite. I find that my make-up doesn’t last as long as the other two. Another downside is, because I’m so pale the color isn’t really flesh toned for me. I would say rather a pinky color. You can find this at a MAC counter for 19EUR.

4) Benefit Stay Don’t Stray (colored). A primer and concealer all in one. Because my skin is quite fair I only use this strictly for the eyelid. But be careful: one pump gives you more then you actually need! This one sells for around 25EUR.

If you’re not really sure or don’t wanna spend extra money you can always use your concealer as a base. My favorite would be the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Because this one prevents creasing compared to other concealers.

IMG_0403_2 2

I know that some drugstore brands have cheaper alternatives. Because I haven’t tried those I can’t give my honest opinion. I swatched the one Essence makes but it’s waaaay 2 dark and yellow for me!

Did you find this little tip helpful? Let me know! 🙂

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Essence Cookies & Cream – Trend edition


Binnenkort brengt Essence de ‘Cookies & Cream’– Trend edition uit. MmMmMm, klinkt verleidelijk niet?! 😉 Vandaag alvast een sneak-peek van deze heerlijke, nieuwe collectie.

De Cookies & Cream- collectie bevat:

… 3 oogschaduwen in de kleuren karamel, roze en bruin.


01 so hot, donut!
02 macaron, c’est bon!
03 last night a cookie saved my life
Prijs: € 2,89

… 2 jumbo eye pencils in chocoladebruin en taupe. Ideaal om als oogpotlood te gebruiken of om smokey eyes te creëren.

01 last night a cookie saved my life 02 yummy, yummy! Prijs: € 1,99

01 last night a cookie saved my life
02 yummy, yummy!
Prijs: € 1,99

… 1 blush in een abrikozen-kleur. Fris uitziende cheeks? Check!

01 cakepop, that's top! Prijs: € 2,99

01 cakepop, that’s top!
Prijs: € 2,99

… 2 lipglosses in de kleuren vanille en roze. Ze hebben een zoete geur en zorgen voor prachtig glanzende lippen.

01 macaron, c'est bon!  02 be my cookie monster Prijs: € 1,99

01 macaron, c’est bon!
02 be my cookie monster
Prijs: € 1,99

… een highlighter/shimmer pearls.

01 one sweet day.  Prijs: € 3,39

01 one sweet day.
Prijs: € 3,39

… 4 nagellakjes in de kleuren roze, abrikoos, bruin en taupe. Ze hebben een metalen finish én bijhorende stickers!

01 cakepop, that's top! 02 yummy, yummy! 03 last night a cookie saved my life 04 macaron, c'est bon!.  Prijs: € 1,99

01 cakepop, that’s top!
02 yummy, yummy!
03 last night a cookie saved my life
04 macaron, c’est bon!.
Prijs: € 1,99

… een hand balm en mini nagelvijl (met koekjes-geur!).

01 keep calm and have a cupcake Prijs: € 1,99

01 keep calm and have a cupcake
Prijs: € 1,99

01 keep calm and have a cupcake Prijs: € 0,99

01 keep calm and have a cupcake
Prijs: € 0,99

De collectie ziet er écht verrukkelijk uit! Die super schattige namen alleen al.. *njamie!* Roze, vanille, taupe,… zijn écht mijn kleuren! Ik kijk alvast uit deze collectie in het echt te zien (en te ruiken). 😉

Op mijn verlanglijstje staan..:

  • hand balm (ik hou van die koekjes-geur!)
  • shimmer pearls
  • alle eyeshadows (ja ik wil ze alle 3!)
  • beide jumbo eye pencils
  • lipgloss (roze)

De collectie ‘Cookies & Cream’ is verkrijgbaar in april en mei 2014 bij Kruidvat en Trekpleister in Nederland en bij Kruidvat in België.

Zijn jullie ook zo benieuwd?! Ik krijg er zelfs honger van! 😉 😉

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The Body Shop – Haul

Hi guys!

Yes you red it right: I went shopping AGAIN! *blushes* I know some people really love The Body Shop but I have never really tried their skincare. I owned a bronzer before which I loved (but they discontinued it) + I really like their shower gels and body butters. So I decided it was time to put some products to the test. When I saw it was 50% off on the second make-up or skincare product you bought, I was sold. 😉

This is what I picked up:

  • Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil 28ml – 19EUR
  • Honey Bronzing Powder in the color 01-Light Matte – 16EUR (got it for 8EUR because of the 50% off)
  •  Vitamin E Eye Cream – 15EUR

I know! I only have 3 products instead of 4! The reason is that The Body Shop offered an introduction package for only 2EUR when you were spending more then 30EUR. I really wanted to try the Vitamin E Night Cream, which was an item in the package. I couldn’t find a product for 3EUR (that I wanted) so I just picked up the eye cream and didn’t buy a fourth product (and get a second time 50% off) although I could have..

The introduction package (which was only 2EUR!!!) has a value of 20EUR and contained:

  • Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 60ml
  • Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 60ml
  • Vitamin E Night Cream 15ml
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream 15ml


IMG_0395_3IMG_0396_2I’m really excited to try out these new goodies! 😀 If you have any products from The Body Shop that you LOVE, let me know! I’m pretty curious now.. 😉

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The benefits of Coconut Oil

Hi guys!
Today my lovely friend Mara (who lives in the US) takes over my blog for the day! Exciting, no?! 🙂 When it comes to coconut oil, she’s the expert.. So I really hope you guys like this post! Talk to you soon, xo Jo!
So when someone mentions ‘coconut oil‘, you probably think of cooking right? Well yes, of course, I did too! However, today I want to talk about some other uses for coconut oil! If you want to know more ways in which coconut oil can be used, keep reading… 🙂
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
What is coconut oil?
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking (which is normally the main reason people use coconut oil). However, I prefer to use it for Beauty purposes.
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
First, it is affordable & multi-purpose. Thus, it helps you save money & counter space!  Second, it’s all natural so you dont have to worry about using a bunch of nasty chemicals on your skin and/or hair. I buy my coconut oil at Trader Joes in the US. You can also buy it at most health food stores or order it online at Jo, who lives in Belgium, buys her coconut oil at a store called Essenza (see picture above).
collage_1 These are a few of my favorite ways to use coconut oil:
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
1. Make-up Remover – I apply this right to my face and gently rub it around. It’s quick and gently breaks up the make-up. Then, I rinse it off with my face cleanser and water. I have combination-/ breakout prone skin and coconut oil works great for me!
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
2. Moisturizer for face and body – It feels great, smells delicious & is super moisturizing.
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
3. Lip Balm– Again super hydrating! If you accidentally ingest it, its ok. It’s all natural!
Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
You can also use coconut oil as a hair mask. Personally, this does not work for me. Its a bit too heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy. However, I know a lot of girls who swear by this, so it might work for you! (But I suggest you wash your hair twice after using coconut oil on your hair 😉 )

Coconut oil is extracted from the ‘meat’ of coconuts. It is a saturated fat. Yes, it can be used for cooking
Have you ever tried coconut oil? If so, what did you use it for? If not, you should definitely try it! 🙂

xoxo, Mara

Tip of the week! How to make your foundation last longer


**Scroll down for the English version**

Heb je ook van die momenten dat je bij jezelf denkt: ‘het lijkt alsof mijn huid mijn foundation opslorpt!!‘ ? Ik ken ze zeker en vast! Hatelijk, niet?! 😉

Dé oplossing: gebruik na het aanbrengen van jouw foundation een poeder. Poeder zorgt er namelijk voor dat jouw foundation langer blijft zitten en kan tegelijkertijd zorgen voor extra kleur. Je kan kiezen voor een losse poeder (iets lastiger om mee te werken -> vliegt in het rond!) of een compacte poeder (handig om mee te nemen in jouw handtas).

1) Jouw foundation heeft de perfecte kleur? Gebruik dan een transparante poeder die geen extra kleur geeft. Mijn favorieten: Airspun Loose Powder in Translucent (losse poeder) en Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent (compacte poeder).

2) Jouw foundation is net iets te licht? Gebruik dan een poeder met een tint (in plaats van een bronzer) om zo de foundation te matchen met de kleur van jouw lichaam. Als je toch liever een bronzer gebruikt let dan wel op dat er geen ‘glitter’ in de bronzer zit. Anders gaat jouw gezicht glitteren als een discobal (en dat willen we absoluut niet!). Mijn favorieten: Bareminerals Original Foundation (losse poeder) of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (compacte poeder).

3) Heb je last van een glimmende huid? Poeder is jouw reddende engel! 😉 Zorg dat je een back-up poeder in jouw handtas hebt zitten.

De borstels die ik dagelijks gebruik om mijn poeder aan te brengen zijn de Real Techniques Powder Brush en Real Techniques Setting Brush (voor onder de ogen). Onlangs heb ik een Powder Puff gekocht en ik ben benieuwd om het te testen! *Be prepared: binnenkort een blogpost over mijn favoriete make-up borstels*



Airspun Loose Powder – Bareminerals Original Foundation – Bourjois Healthy Balance – Rimmel Stay Matte Powder


Powder Puff – Real Techniques Setting Brush – Real Techniques Powder Brush

Do you have those moments where you think: ‘it seems like my skin just drinks up my foundation!!‘ ? I have them for sure! Awful, no?! 😉

The solution: use a powder after applying your foundation. Powder makes sure your foundation last longer and can give extra color at the same time. You can choose a loose powder (kinda hard to work with -> it flies everywhere!) or a pressed/compact powder (handy to take with you in your handbag).

1) Your foundation has the perfect color? Use a transparent powder then. One that doesn’t give extra color. My favorites: Airspun Loose Powder in Translucent (loose powder) and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent (compact powder).

2) Your foundation is a bit too light? Use a powder that has a bit of color. I prefer this instead of a bronzer to match your foundation with the color of your body. If you do use a bronzer for this, make sure there’s no shimmer in it or you will end up like a disco ball. My favorites: Bareminerals Original Foundation (loose powder) or MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (compact powder).

3) Sometimes you suffer from oily skin? Powder is your saving angel! 😉 Make sure it’s a staple in your handbag.

The brushes I use on a daily basis to apply my powder are the Real Techniques Powder Brush and the Real Techniques Setting Brush (for under my eyes). Recently I bought a Powder Puff, so I’m really excited to try it out! *Be prepared: soon a post about my favorite make-up brushes*

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