My Beauty Passport – English version

Hi there,

I thought it would be easier if I translated my first blogpost to English, that way everybody and their mom can follow what I’m saying. 😉  From now on, I will always write my posts in Dutch & English.

This first post (well the second one if you count the Dutch version) is all about my beauty profile or as I call it my ‘Beauty Passport’. My blog will be mostly about beauty so I thought it would be easier if you guys know a little bit more about my skin & hair. No? 🙂

My skin:

Well I definitely don’t have perfect skin. I suffer from little blemishes once a while but my skin isn’t really acne-prone. However I have to be careful what I put on it because my skin is quite sensitive.

The skin type I have is combination skin. So my skin isn’t really dry or really oily. The only part of my face that suffers from dryness (no matter what I put on it!) is my nose. During summer I notice that my forehead and chin get a little bit shiny but nothing that a little bit of powder can’t fix.

Now about the color… I am very fair with a few little freckles on my nose and cheeks. People always ask me ‘hey, are you sick? You look so pale…’ (=HATE IT!!!). My face never colors, not even when I’m outside ‘tanning’ (I know it isn’t very healthy). Same goes for my body. The only tanning I can do = fake-tanning.

Overall I’m kinda happy with how my skin looks. But I will never leave the house without some color (aka  foundation or powder) on my face..  Unless I need to (and even then). 😉

My hair:

I have natural medium length, wavy, dark brown hair. A few years ago my hair was more curly and I could just let it air-dry. Because of coloring, styling and let us say ‘experimenting’ with my hair, the best of it is far gone. So now my hair-styler and curling iron are a must have in my bathroom.

The structure of my hair is quite normal. It’s not very dry or very oily. The roots tend to get a bit oily after a few days and the ends are quite dry. I definitely suffer from split ends. My goal is to let my hair grow and get that pretty ‘Rapunzel’-hair some girls have (oh so jealous!). But until today: every inch that I gain needs to be cut off because of my split ends. *grrrrrr* My hair is now a lighter brown then it is naturally. I just bought a box with hair-dy at the drugstore and my mom colored it. Otherwise with my dark hair + fair skin I definitely looked sick!

So.. this is me (well my hair and skin) in one post! 😉 If you guys have questions, recommendations, tips,… don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer!

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-29 om 18.07.07

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